A proud DSD Quickie with Zach Burns

#IMG_3326finalWith Brighton Pride fast approaching its seems only right that we get lots of DSD Quickies in as we build up to a weekend of fabulously proud parties. First up is our delicious guest DJ for Friday nights DSD Lift Off! party, the gorgeous Zach Burns. Well you can’t say no can you?

Style Of Music Played? Everything House from Circuit Style to Uplifting Funky House, Deep Nu Disco. HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE.. For DSD I like to mix it up with some funky Nu Disco vibes and chunky Deep House Bass.

Anything special planned for your DSD Pride Lift Of set? My debut at DSD was a great experience getting to know what the crowd likes so for Pride it will be a full on blast of Deep Basslines and Synths getting into your soul, Nu Disco vibes to keep those feet moving & classic vocals to lift you up.

Why is LGBTQ Pride Important To You? I personally count myself very fortunate for the time and generation I live in and more so the country where equality and peoples perceptions and thoughts of the LGBTQ community is becoming more integrated and accepted. Personally since coming out I’ve never encountered any issues with homophobia or prejudices against me however sadly it still exists & happens to many people and across the world. Pride is important because we all need to support each other and stand up that we’re not second class and deserve to be treated the same as everyone else irrespective of our sexuality and how we identify ourselves. But until that happens, Pride will be around for many years to come.

Why do you love DSD at Pride so? I’m very excited to be playing the Lift Off Party on the Friday alongside Queen Josephine, David Ethics and the main man who brought DSD to my attention Chris Barker. I’ve never played DSD for Pride so it’s another first, but the vibe at my debut was amazing so just want to get stuck in and enjoy the atmosphere with everyone around.

Ultimate Pride Tune? Hmmm good question. This year I pick Soul Avengerz – Let Yourself Go (Gardy Remix)

Dirty or disco? Disco, It brings out the fun, the love and brings people together.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise, new day, new beginnings and a step closer to a better world (hopefully).

Catch Zach Burns at DSD Pride Lift Off! party. Friday 1st August, 8pm-late at Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. Grab your Early Bird tickets here


About dirtysunsetdisco

DSD is Brighton's favourite Dirty Sunset Disco delivering celestial clubbing to re-energise your aurora and spark up the weekend. Filled with a mixed metrosexual good-time crowd with altitude, dancing to a soundtrack of disco fused house and grooves, DSD is everything you'd expect from a night out in saucy Brighton. Delight in its attitude free clubbing and balearic vibe. One of Brighton's best, DSD has naughty intentions that will regenerate your faith in clubbing. DSD: Fire-up your thrusters, get on board and party. The future of clubbing has landed.
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