DSD Pride ‘Full Throttle’ Disco Diva’s Party : Sat 2nd August

DSD-MANHUNT-banner-2DSD Pride ‘Full Throttle’ Disco Diva’s Party! Its time to go Full Throttle with DSD for a night of iconic super diva chic and disco glam as we celebrate Brighton Pride 2014 Dirty Sunset Disco style. Join special guest DJ Paul Coals and Chris Barker, Queen Josephine and David Ethics for a Brighton Pride night like no other as DSD parties by the sea in Brighton’s biggest seafront heated terrace. Expect dancers, lasers, a spectacular performance from Chi Chi Revolver and the hot, hot Manhunt boys with lots of goodies to give away. The Ohso terrace will be filled with the hottest Dirty Disco loving good time crowd for a party you can’t afford to miss! Regenerate your Pride weekend: Go Full Throttle with DSD this Brighton Pride. 

DSD Full Throttle Disco Diva’s Party. Saturday 2nd August 2014. Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 8pm-2am. Grab your Early Bird Tickets here.

About dirtysunsetdisco

DSD is Brighton's favourite Dirty Sunset Disco delivering celestial clubbing to re-energise your aurora and spark up the weekend. Filled with a mixed metrosexual good-time crowd with altitude, dancing to a soundtrack of disco fused house and grooves, DSD is everything you'd expect from a night out in saucy Brighton. Delight in its attitude free clubbing and balearic vibe. One of Brighton's best, DSD has naughty intentions that will regenerate your faith in clubbing. DSD: Fire-up your thrusters, get on board and party. The future of clubbing has landed.
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