Dirty Sunset Quickie with Dave Kendrick


DAVE-KENDRICK-WITH-DSD-LOGODSD is very disco-excited to announce that the gorgeous Macho City legend that is Dave Kendrick will be headlining our 2014 Season Lift Off Party at Ohso Social on Friday May the 23rd. We caught up with him for a DSD Quickie to talk all things house, disco and Brighton’s infamous gay abandon!

Style of music played? Four to the floor House Music!

What can the DSD clubbers expect from your set? Four to the floor House Music! with added curveball disco bombs thrown in. I don’t like to stick to one genre, that’s too safe, boring. I sometimes play records that are 25 or 30 years old but still sound fresh. It’s important to mix things up!

Why is clubbing in Brighton so special? There’s always been something special, I think it’s that heady mix of sea air and gay abandon. There’s much less… attitude that you can get in London. There’s a real sense of unpretentious fun

Are you excited to be joining DSD this summer? I love DSD, there’s something really special about playing to that crowd and it’s on the beach! What’s better than that?

DSD is all about summertime – what summer plans have you got going on? We’re having to scale back our holidaying plans due to the arrival of a gorgeous kitten, but there’s quite a few gigs coming up that I’m excited about: DSD (Obvs!!) and Manchester’s Paradise Factory 21st reunion in August to name a couple.

Dirty or Disco? Both. I like my house music a bit rougher, deeper, less clean, like disco that preceded it. And in the words of the late Frankie Knuckles, house music is disco’s revenge.

Sunset or sunrise? As long as there’s sun I’m happy!

Kendrick’s Top 5 (Oh okay Top 6. He insisted!)

1. E Verions Khan  Mark E delivers ‘I’m every Woman’ like you’ve never heard it before

2. In Flagranti The Beast
 The duo’s rework of Mr Fingers delivers a perfect basement moment

3. Soulphiction Mind & Body Marshall Jefferson came tearing through the club to ask me what this was at the last Handsome@East Bloc, it’s that good

4. LB Dub Corp Turners House
 Luke Slater dons his house robes in this acidic jack tracker

5. Boe & Zak Loop For Love
 Classic reworking of  Montana Orchestra feat. Goody Goody’s “It Looks Like Love”

6. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules Pushing On Oliver Dollar’s strongest release to date.

Dirty Disco Invasion DSD Season Lift Off. Friday 23rd May @ Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 8pm-2am. Free before 9pm. £2 b4 11pm. £3 after 11pm.

Grab some more Dave Kendrick action on Facebook, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.



About dirtysunsetdisco

DSD is Brighton's favourite Dirty Sunset Disco delivering celestial clubbing to re-energise your aurora and spark up the weekend. Filled with a mixed metrosexual good-time crowd with altitude, dancing to a soundtrack of disco fused house and grooves, DSD is everything you'd expect from a night out in saucy Brighton. Delight in its attitude free clubbing and balearic vibe. One of Brighton's best, DSD has naughty intentions that will regenerate your faith in clubbing. DSD: Fire-up your thrusters, get on board and party. The future of clubbing has landed.
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