DSD Quickie with Kate Wildblood


This Friday DSD is gonna get all regal as we celebrate our Queenie’s big golden five O.  Alongside the glorious Go Bang boys Affy & Ali, Kate Wildblood will be joining Queen Josephine on the decks for a very special B2B classics set. So we thought we’d get in a quickie with the regal consort and talk tunes, sunsets and a certain royal DJ. Naturally.

So what u been up since you lasted graced our glorious Ohso Social Bar? I had the time of my life playing some great gigs over Brighton Pride weekend including the Wild Fruit tent (wow!), The Gay Girls Weekend Secret Garden Party at Neighbourhood (blimey!) and the legendary Sunday Sundae (I’m still in the recovery postion!). Add the Brighton Supports LGBT Russia campaign Karol Michalec and I helped bring to life and you’ve had a chuffed but busy Wildblood.

What DJ action are you up for the rest of the summer season? I’m looking forward to supporting Steve Mac when Rise makes its way to Above Audio on Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon, have a dear friends’ wedding to soundtrack plus there’s an extra special LGBT Russia club fundraiser coming Brighton’s way in September which I’m really chuffed to be part of.

DSD has a special place in your heart because? AJ has a delivered a club night that is right on the button. A good club night is all about attention to detail and boys does he pay attention to those details. Great visuals, perfect residents, stunning choice of guest DJs and a right special venue. Add the amazing crowd of loyal DSD lovelies and you have something completely unique to Brighton. Long may it, like our Queenie, reign.

What can we expect from your DSD set? As its Queen Josephine’s Golden Jubilee I’ll be celebrating with a set of classic regal house that has soundtracked her career behind the decks. Hands in the air, marvellous and yes, gay, gay, gay house music all night long. Sorting through tunes has been a real joy and brought back so many grin fuelled memories, I can’t wait to play them. Add the never-ending gift of playing B2B with your missus and, well, it will be a night to remember.

Ultimate DSD tune? Dr Kucho! Lies To Yourself. Its so AJ and I love the grin that comes on his face whenever Queenie or Chris play it.

If you were onboard the international space station right now which song would you perform and beam back to earth? Lionel Richie All Night Long – I want see how NASA headquarters cope with working out the lyrics!

Dirty or disco? Disco…everything starts with disco.

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset. Being an Ibiza devotee memories of chasing the sunset across White Isle has always filled me with the possibilities of the dirty disco night ahead.

Kate will be joining Queen Josephine and the fabulous Go Bang boys this Friday at DSD, Ohso Social Bar, Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 9pm-2am. £2.





About dirtysunsetdisco

DSD is Brighton's favourite Dirty Sunset Disco delivering celestial clubbing to re-energise your aurora and spark up the weekend. Filled with a mixed metrosexual good-time crowd with altitude, dancing to a soundtrack of disco fused house and grooves, DSD is everything you'd expect from a night out in saucy Brighton. Delight in its attitude free clubbing and balearic vibe. One of Brighton's best, DSD has naughty intentions that will regenerate your faith in clubbing. DSD: Fire-up your thrusters, get on board and party. The future of clubbing has landed.
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