DSD Pride Quickie with Hifi Sean

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DSD at Brighton and Hove Pride without Hifi Sean is like buns without cream, baps without a filling. So it is only fitting that one of our favourite guest DJs is gonna be there to ensure DSD Lift Off! on Friday 2nd August goes with a, erm, bang! We caught up with him to talk tunes, pride memories and what he would sing to a certain Mr Putin!

So Brighton Pride is almost here – what besides DSD are you looking forward to most and why? Looking forward bigtime at closing the day at Bearzone tent at Preston Park . Did same last set of the day and it was special and got some real surprises up my sleeve.  Plus my fellow ‘Up Yours’ partner Severino is playing and Feral is Kinky is coming along with us , you never know you might get an impromptu ‘London’ on the cards !!

Having graced our proud decks last year what for you makes DSD Pride parties so special? Great people , great location , great Djs ,all ingredients to the perfect night out.

Can we expect any Pride exclusives ? Well for a fact I will be spinning my new single with Celeda called ‘Tear it up’. As the song sings ’till the sun comes up in the morning you got to tear it up’. Anthem for the weekend I think .

What do you remember about your first ever Pride? Mmmmmm not much , must have been that good!

Keeping with the Brighton & Hove theme who is your LGBT icon? Mines is John Waters. I’m a huge fan and he nearly made me a video for The Soup Dragons back in the day , in fact he signed a can of Hairspray for me.

Obviously we love to party at Pride but beside the glorious BPMs that accompany the weekend what is it about Pride celebrations that are important to you?  The politics behind being a gay man or women seem to get lost with the younger crowd and hopefully these events make certain people think a bit more about those in the past who fought for our love rights .

As you probably know Mr Putin has a problem with our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia – what message would you send to him this Brighton Pride weekend? Ra Ra Ras-Putin lover of A Russian Queen !!

Ultimate Pride tune: My remix of 77 Strings  has become a Brighton anthem and last year when I dropped it as last tune you could hear the crowd roar as far as Eastbourne. Mmmmm will I drop it again this year ??

And finally please complete this sentence. “The queues at the bars over Pride are not easy to deal with when your DJing so mines a ……”  “Give me Gin and tonic …cause I’m feeling supersonic”.

Catch Hifi Sean at DSD Pride Lift Off at Ohso Social Bar, Kings Road Arches, Brighton. Friday 2nd August. 


About dirtysunsetdisco

DSD is Brighton's favourite Dirty Sunset Disco delivering celestial clubbing to re-energise your aurora and spark up the weekend. Filled with a mixed metrosexual good-time crowd with altitude, dancing to a soundtrack of disco fused house and grooves, DSD is everything you'd expect from a night out in saucy Brighton. Delight in its attitude free clubbing and balearic vibe. One of Brighton's best, DSD has naughty intentions that will regenerate your faith in clubbing. DSD: Fire-up your thrusters, get on board and party. The future of clubbing has landed.
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