Happy Xmas from DSD: Free Mix from Zach Burns


Happy Happy Disco Xmas from all of us here at DSD! We send festive sparkles, glittering wishes and plenty of pud at this, the most special time of year. And to keep you wiggling through the festive days we have a very special Winter DSD Mix from one of our glorious guest DJs, the delicious Zach Burns. Rammed full of disco-tech house it is just the thing to keep your inner disco elf dancing into the New Year. Enjoy and see you on the dancefloor very soon!

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Your last chance for a summer DSD wiggle!

1491535_722399657826162_3159113982632433374_oSeems hard to believe it, but this Friday it’s the last DSD of this summer season. How on earth did that happen? One minute it’s May and the whole summer stretches ahead with a gorgeous golden glow, the next it’s the August Bank Holiday and organised people are sorting out their Xmas card lists. Time to make this the best bloody DSD of the year I reckon and though it’ll be hard pushed to be as fabulous as Pride Friday and Saturday let’s give it a go. If we take all the marvellous bits of 2014, add tracks like Show You Love by Phil Weeks and La Fleur’s Stella, order a splendidly warm evening to melt the hearts on the terrace and remind everybody how much they miss us when the summer draws to a close, we’re guaranteed one final, better than ever, magical night at Ohso…..

I’m proud to say I’ve played at every single DSD this season and I couldn’t love it more! Alongside the ever wonderful Mister Barker, new resident David Ethics and a amazing array of sexy guest DJs including Paul Coals, Zach Burns, Hifi Sean, Go Bang, Dave Kendrick and Maze & Masters we’ve aimed to keep the DSDers wiggling and giggling every Friday….and I don’t think we’ve done too badly!!! So come and see me this week to serenade the last bit of summer in style. With a bit of dirty, a bit of sunset and a bit of disco rocking your soul, let’s have a sweet closing party blast together.

DSD Summer Season Closing Party with Queenie & Wildblood – Friday 22nd August @Ohso Social, Kings Road Arches, Brighton 9pm-2am. Find us on Facebook

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Get hot with DSD tonight

10531422_722401134492681_6802583286134978194_oWhilst one can’t always rely on the British summer to deliver, you can always rely on Dirty Sunset Disco and her glorious resident DJs to do the disco business. Yes regardless of the weather the forecast is always hot at DSD as we get on down beachside with our fabulous resident DJs David Ethics and Queen Josephine. We may not have had sunshine all summer long but tonight with DSD in control you just know we are gonna have decent and most dirty house music all night long. See you at the (sea)front.

DSD Residents Special with Queen Josephine & David Ethics. Tonight. 9pm-2am. Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton.

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A proud thank you from DSD

10498635_722400027826125_8592048768435750562_oWow. Blimey. Gosh. Wow. Blimey. Gosh. Wow! DSD and Pride. What an amazing weekend. Thank you to everyone who made it so, our amazing DJs Zach Burns, Paul Coals, Chris Barker, Queen Josephine and David Ethics, the spectacular Chi Chi Revolver, the hot Manhunt boys, all the amazing staff at Ohso, our lovely Lulu and of course you, dear DSD clubbers. Without you we are just a dancefloor without love, laughter and good times. Thank you making Brighton Pride 2014 one the best DSD weekends ever. Proud indeed.

Photos by Simon Denton

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A DSD Pride Quickie with Paul Coals

1057803_10151984414313275_1845401862_nWith Brighton Pride just hours away we thought it was only right and proper that we catch up with Mister Full Throttle himself, Paul Coals for a  Pride Quickie. A DSD favourite we can’t wait to welcome Paul back to the Ohso decks for a Pride Saturday night that promises to be Dirty Sunset Disco-tastic!

Style of music? I like to play a mixture of Deep House and Tech. But on Pride Night I like to really mix it all up.

Anything special planned for your DSD Pride set this year? Every year I like to mix it all up with classics old and new, and this year I have got some gems that I can’t wait to play.

Why is LGBTQ Pride important to you? It’s a celebration of Gay, Lesbian and all genders coming together, and celebrating just how far we have come over the years, to the present day

Why do you love DSD at Pride so? For me, Brighton Pride is the best by far, and DSD on Pride night is just amazing, for me, DSD on Pride Night is one of the best party’s of the year, anywhere in the country. If you haven’t experienced it, then you must come and check DSD out.

Dirty or Disco at Pride? Disco for me, as Pride is all about the feel good factor.

Sunset or sunrise at Pride? Sunset, because you have the whole Pride Evening ahead.

Ultimate Pride tune? Brainstorm ‘Lovin’ Is Really My Game

DSD Full Throttle Disco Diva’s Party. Saturday 2nd August 2014. Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 8pm-2am.  Super early £4 Early bird £5 General £6
£10 on the door. buytickets.at/dirtysunsetdisco

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A DSD Pride Quickie with Chi Chi Revolver

Toms Udris Photography-11Born into a circus family Chi Chi Revolver is a Guinness World Record holding hula hooper who began performing age three. As she got older the sawdust in her veins turned to glitter and she incorporated strip tease to her circus hula hoop routines. Her career has taken her across the world from Times Square New York to the local shopping centre in Worthing! And now she’s coming to play with DSD and we couldn’t be more excited. So we caught up with the hot hula girl for a DSD Quickie – hoops and all!

Tell us all about your performance? I’ll be performing a couple of freestyle multi hula hoop sets with my LED hula hoops.

What can we expect? Bikinis, tatttoos, hula hoops and fabulousness!

How long have you been hula hooping? I have been performing all my life since I was three years old. My parents had a circus company called Ziz Ziz Kaboom where I made my debut performance as Sparky The Dog. For nine years I ran Fred’s Flying Circus with my father Fred where I specialised in hula hoops.

Why hoops? Well – im rather clumsy and have a tendency to fall over and hurt myself, and after a serious accident whist performing acroblance in the circus i decided to focus on a ground act. So the trapeze and other dangerous acts were packed away and i brought the hula hoops out!

Can a hoop get dirty and disco? My new LED hoops can certainly bring the disco! They have loads of different light changing settings to turn me into a human flashing mirror ball!

Dirty or Disco at Pride?  Disco! I remember being at Pride one very muddy year, rolling around in the mud too much and accidentally filling my ear with mud. So much so that i thought I was deaf! So this year there will be less of the dirty and more of the disco!

Sunset or sunrise at Pride? Sunset! We need the lights to go down so my hula hoops can glow! 🙂

Catch Chi Chi Revolver doing her hoop thing all Dirty Sunset Disco like at DSD Full Throttle Disco Diva’s Party with DJ Paul Coals, Queenie, Chris Barker and David Ethics. Saturday 2nd August 8pm-late Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. Grab your tickets today to avoid disappointment: Super Early £4 Early bird £5 General £6 buytickets.at/dirtysunsetdisco £10 on the door. Find us on Facebook.

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Chris Barker This Is Electric Guest Mix

10247307_830380060308807_6870793787498322409_nThere’s nothing better to warm you up for an epic weekend of Pride DSD partying like a mix from our glorious resident Mr Chris Barker. So we’re really thrilled to announce that Chris will be broadcasting an exclusive new mix on Electric, London’s Dance Powerhouse on Friday 1st August at 11pm. For more info click here. Happy listening!





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A Proud DSD Quickie with Queen Josephine

IMG_0747Pride partying without the Queen wouldn’t be right. Yes our Josephine is responsible for way too many regals smiles over Brighton Pride so it seemed only majestically fitting that we grab a Queenie Quickie before she provides us with the perfect DSD Party soundtrack this weekend. She is the DSD Queen after all.

Style of music played? House – Deep, dark, light, fluffy, classic, unknown and the odd bit of filth!

Anything special planned for your DSD Pride set this year? I’m playing right across the DSD time zones with some early and some late slots so I’m planning an assortment of all of the above. Plus a dazzling array of new Tshirts and a thoroughly sturdy bra (can you hear me Mister Barker???)

Why is LGBTQ Pride important to you? I’ve been knocking about a long time and remember marching along Western Road in 1991 and, clichéd as it is, I’m really proud of how far we’ve come! We should be bloody proud of who we are. But we mustn’t forget that we are the fortunate ones, simply because of where we live. Brighton Pride is – and should be – a great big fabulous party. Yet we must also never forget our brothers and sisters for whom every day is a struggle to be who they actually are. As Pride will also be highlighting the 82 countries where being gay is not ‘acceptable’, we will be able to show our support for those less fortunate than ourselves. So yep – Pride is important to me for both political and party hard reasons……bring it on!!!!

Why do you love DSD at Pride so? I love DSD full stop, but over Pride my love goes even further as we have three sessions of gorgeousness to look forward to and the DSD crowd are the best!!! Can’t say which I’m looking forward to most as I’m ridiculously excited about all of them though I reckon Saturday night is going to be HUGE.

Ultimate Pride tune? Must play (for my lovely AJ) Dr Kucho Lies To Yourself as the bass line really has Pride party stamped all over it. Plus a favourite from this season that’s been rocking the dancefloor Acid Games by Luke Solomon.

Dirty or Disco at Pride? Depends on the time really as dirty usually comes later…..though there’s nothing like sticking a camp and fabulous disco classic on to round things up at silly o’ clock in the morning!

Sunset or sunrise at Pride?  Sorry to sit on the fence but I intend to be enjoying both….xxx

Catch Queenie at DSD every night over Brighton Pride weekend at Ohso Social Bar plus doing her Dirty Sunset Disco thing in the Calabash Tent at Preston Park Pride Festival. www.facebook.com/dirtysunsetdisco


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DSD + Ohso ‘Stereo Sunshine’ Disco Party : Sunday 3rd August

DSD sunday bannerDSD & Ohso ‘Stereo Sunshine’ Disco Party. Come party with us on Pride Sunday at Ohso Social for a very special DSD as we join forces with Ohso Stereo for a super sunny Sunshine Disco. If the sun is still shining come and join us for more great music on the Ohso Social Terrace for a free party. We kick off with some vocal house from the Ohso Stereo Crew from 5pm then our Dirty Sunset Disco residents take over from 8pm till late. With DJs Mikee Hollywood (Ohso Stereo), Chris Barker, Queen Josephine and David Ethics (DSD) on the Ohso decks, the DSD & Ohso Stereo Sunshine Party will be all you need to finish your proud celebrations in style !!  DSD & Ohso Stereo Sunshine Party. Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 8pm-2am. Free. (Donations to Pride Brighton & Hove). Find us on Facebook

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A proud DSD Quickie with Zach Burns

#IMG_3326finalWith Brighton Pride fast approaching its seems only right that we get lots of DSD Quickies in as we build up to a weekend of fabulously proud parties. First up is our delicious guest DJ for Friday nights DSD Lift Off! party, the gorgeous Zach Burns. Well you can’t say no can you?

Style Of Music Played? Everything House from Circuit Style to Uplifting Funky House, Deep Nu Disco. HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE.. For DSD I like to mix it up with some funky Nu Disco vibes and chunky Deep House Bass.

Anything special planned for your DSD Pride Lift Of set? My debut at DSD was a great experience getting to know what the crowd likes so for Pride it will be a full on blast of Deep Basslines and Synths getting into your soul, Nu Disco vibes to keep those feet moving & classic vocals to lift you up.

Why is LGBTQ Pride Important To You? I personally count myself very fortunate for the time and generation I live in and more so the country where equality and peoples perceptions and thoughts of the LGBTQ community is becoming more integrated and accepted. Personally since coming out I’ve never encountered any issues with homophobia or prejudices against me however sadly it still exists & happens to many people and across the world. Pride is important because we all need to support each other and stand up that we’re not second class and deserve to be treated the same as everyone else irrespective of our sexuality and how we identify ourselves. But until that happens, Pride will be around for many years to come.

Why do you love DSD at Pride so? I’m very excited to be playing the Lift Off Party on the Friday alongside Queen Josephine, David Ethics and the main man who brought DSD to my attention Chris Barker. I’ve never played DSD for Pride so it’s another first, but the vibe at my debut was amazing so just want to get stuck in and enjoy the atmosphere with everyone around.

Ultimate Pride Tune? Hmmm good question. This year I pick Soul Avengerz – Let Yourself Go (Gardy Remix)

Dirty or disco? Disco, It brings out the fun, the love and brings people together.

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise, new day, new beginnings and a step closer to a better world (hopefully).

Catch Zach Burns at DSD Pride Lift Off! party. Friday 1st August, 8pm-late at Ohso Social, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton. Grab your Early Bird tickets here


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